Childhood return with the 70s-glossed joy of ‘Californian Light’

Ben Romans-Hopscraft is back, with new album ‘Universal High’ also confirmed for July 21st
Pull those curtains open and what will you see? Maybe some sun if you’re lucky right? Well if it is there, then you’ll probably owe that sun-kissed glory to Childhood and in particular their dazzling new number ‘Californian Light’

Packing a suited and booted 70s soul-pop charm that fizzes and sparks into an undeniable four minutes of unbridled joy, it’s a stunning return from band leader Ben Romans-Hopscraft – following on from debut release ‘Lacuna’ back in 2014.

‘Californian Light’ comes complete with details of new album ‘Universal High’, primed for release on July 21st. Recorded in Atlanta last summer, Ben goes on to talk about the album, saying:

“Universal High represents many things to us as a band. It signifies change, both musically and mentally whilst also revisiting influences that confounded our interest in music in the first place. What I think is noticeable is the direct nature of the songs and its influences. Being surrounded by soul music, classic pop songs and music with any form of groove all my life, these influences began to speak for themselves within these new songs we were writing”.

Expect more grooves and many more moves soon, with Childhood lined up for a string of live appearances over the coming few months – including a slot at Live At Leeds this weekend (April 29th) and at The Great Escape next month.

Dust the flares out and strut into the day with ‘Californian Light’ below,