Chloe Moriondo has announced a new canine-themed EP, ‘puppy luv’ – check out new song ‘sammy’ now

It's about her dog, 'FYI'.

Chloe Moriondo has announced a new canine-themed EP, ‘puppy luv’.

Set to drop on 8th April, the announcement comes alongside new track ‘sammy’, dedicated to her pet dog of the same name.

“‘puppy luv’ is a collection of canine songs that I coincidentally wrote over the past couple years,” Chloe explains. “To me it feels like a playful bite from a tiny puppy that kinda stings a little later. I dedicate it to Sammy my dog!”

The new song comes alongside a video, which you can check out below.

In the new issue of Dork – out VERY SOON – we chat to Chloe about the EP, and Sammy. You can check out an excerpt of that below, and check back for more imminently.

Hey Chloe, we’re here to talk about a true legend, and that is your dog Sammy – why did you decide now to immortalise him in song? 
He is honestly my best friend, and I have no idea where I’d be without him. I got him as a birthday gift when I was 8. He’s the greatest gift I’ve ever received in my life. He’s what I look forward to coming home to. I love him so much. He’s the best little guy in the world, and I needed to write a song for him. It took a second for me to really find the vibe I wanted to go for. Once it was there, I was really excited about it, and I’m really glad it’s in fruition right now. 

Tell us all about Sammy then, what’s he like and what sort of things does he enjoy? 
He’s crazy. He’s a crazy little guy. He’s ten years old, so he doesn’t really get up to much, but everything he does is really fun. We have a pool in the backyard, and he frequently falls in in the summer. I’ll look out the window and be like, “oh damn! Sammy fell in again!” so I’ll have to go grab him, and he’ll be paddling all around. He’s blind, so he doesn’t really know where he’s going ever, so that makes it ten times funnier. He runs into walls all the time, and he’s got lots of funny little quirks about him. 

What is it about dogs in general that make them so special?
I’ve always been a dog girl. I love all animals and also consider myself a cat person, but ever since I was little, I always wanted a puppy. I would beg my parents for years, “please can I have a dog?” All my little friends in elementary school, I made them help me write three pages of “please can I have a dog?” and it didn’t work, but they were always so special to me growing up. Finally getting Sammy after all those years of really wanting a little furry companion was a really special thing. All of a sudden, this EP came together through a love of puppies. 

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