Christian Alexander has announced his debut album, ‘I Don’t Like You’

The news comes alongside a new single, 'Waste Her Time'.

Christian Alexander has announced his debut album.

Titled ‘I Don’t Like You’, it’ll be released on 1st April via Video Store.

The news comes alongside a new single, ‘Waste Her Time’, on which he says: “ I was sitting waiting for my session to start one day, when I saw a video on YouTube about Paul McCartney and his Beatles songs.. It was really inspiring. I was introduced by Romil to a musician I only know as fedé, and we immediately gelled together and this idea was sparked. I wrote the song out in an hour or so, structured it, with the help from fedé with his knowledge of chords. It felt like anything I wanted he would deliver.. it was amazing. As I was writing it out, Romil laid this dusty, upbeat drum pattern on top of the piano, which was jarring at first, but after a few seconds I fell in love. It was a melding of inspiration from the three of us, all working together to create what I think is a cracker of a song. Later that day Joba came to the studio and orchestrated the backing vocals, which sound beautiful. It also boosted my confidence as a writer, it shifted my goals on what I want out of this songwriting career I’m trying to create.

“For the video, I knew something simple would be cool. I worked with Ashlan on this and we kind of made it up as we went along, choreographing on the spot. I took the reins as director and Ashlan was a great person to bounce off of.

“There’s no bullshit, it’s just me, which I love. I have great aspirations for future visuals, but sometimes something simple is all you need to get your point across.”

You can check out ‘Waste Her Time’ below.

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