Christian Lee Hutson announces new album ‘Paradise Pop. 10’ and shares single ‘After Hours’

The album, co-produced by Phoebe Bridgers, features guest vocals from Bridgers, Katy Kirby, and Maya Hawke.

Christian Lee Hutson has announced his new album ‘Paradise Pop. 10’, set for release on 27th September via ANTI Records. It comes alongside the album’s first single, ‘After Hours’.

‘Paradise Pop. 10’ is co-produced by Hutson’s longtime collaborators: four-time Grammy winner Phoebe Bridgers, Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Marshall Vore, and Grammy-nominated engineer and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Lorge. The album also features guest vocals from Bridgers, Katy Kirby, and Maya Hawke.

Recorded at Brooklyn’s Figure 8 Studio, Hutson explains the album’s themes: “Sometimes when you live somewhere for a really long time, the place starts to feel like a memory graveyard. Every corner becomes kind of haunted in a way, kind of dragging you out of the present. That’s what LA became like for me. Spending so much time revisiting all these emotional landmarks ended up giving me the feeling that I was missing my life. Like it was passing me while I was looking the other way…. It felt really connected to the city. I would spend half my life in the car, just completely on autopilot, re-living my life, from the beginning, on repeat every day.”

The album’s title refers to a small town in Parke County, Indiana, where Hutson spent part of his childhood. He shares, “When I was a kid, my dad used to take me up there, mostly because of the novelty of the town limits sign, but also because it was so quiet and peaceful. For years, he would say that if life ever got too crazy, we could go up there and start living our real lives; be the people we were always meant to be. It occurred to me while making this record, that most of our lives we spend waiting to ‘be the people we were always meant to be.’ I wanted to name this record after that town because it always symbolized an arrival to me. It was the ‘when’ that I looked forward to as a child. ‘When’ it all made sense and I was finally who I was meant to be.”

Hutson has also announced a European tour for October and November to support the album’s release.

The dates in full read:

30 Dunk, Oslo, Norway
31 Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden

1 Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden
2 Ideal Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark
3 Privatclub, Berlin, Germany
5 Witloof Bar, Brussels, Belgium
6 Paradiso Upstairs, Amsterdam, Netherlands
7 Pitchfork Avant Garde, Paris, France
10 Inside Seaside, Gdansk, Poland
12 Dareshack, Bristol, UK
13 Lafayette, London, UK
14 The Lodge at Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK
15 Oran Mor, Glasgow, UK

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