Check out Chrysalism’s brand new woozy gem, ‘Post Soviet Teens’

A lush slice of thoroughly futuristic r&b influenced electronic pop, it follows up on previous effort 'Orange Light District'.

North London-based, Prague-raised Chrysalism – AKA Michal Vojtech – has shared a brand new woozy gem, ‘Post Soviet Teens’.

Speaking about the story behind the song, he explains: “One night in Prague, when I was sixteen getting the last bus home after some terrible night out. A guy my age who was a neo-nazi from my block stepped onto the bus. He had a swastika tattoo, and his dad was a cop. Anyway, he sat next to me and didn’t let me get off the bus. He pressured me into following him to a ‘special’ party of his. So, I stayed on the bus till the final stop and then was dragged into some greasy strip club with dance poles and pink fur seating. There were no strippers, just generic Eastern European Gpniks getting rowdy.

“I don’t remember how,” he continues, “but we got kicked out in a matter of minutes. The neo-nazi kid got hella infuriated and started smashing the side mirrors of everyone’s cars parked around the bar. I saw it as an opportunity, and I ran off into a forest nearby.

“There were no buses going, so I sat on a cut down tree in the dark of the night for I don’t know how long and kept thinking that there’s glamour happening somewhere, but I don’t know where and I don’t know how to get there.”

‘Post Soviet Teens’ follows up on Chrysalism’s previous effort ‘Orange Light District’. A lush slice of thoroughly futuristic r&b influenced electronic pop, you can check it out below.

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