Chvrches’ Martin Doherty has confirmed we’re getting a new album and shows this year

We knew as much already, but hey, it's good to be certain.
Sometimes, it’s nice to have things you already knew confirmed. That peace of mind that comes with a qualifying nod lets us get on with other stuff without the need to worry.

So it’s a big thanks to Chvrches’ Martin Doherty, who has put the already expected firmly on the metaphorical big table of music – we’re getting both a new album and loads of shows in 2018.


We already know Chvrches have been working with pop super producer Greg Kurstin and Eurythmics legend Dave Stewart. They’ve also referred to it as “the most pop stuff we’ve done”, but also “the most aggressive and vulnerable at the same time”.

Whatever route they take, it’s sure to be massive. Happy New Year, everyone!

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