CHVRCHES: “There is new music”

The 'Love Is Dead' cycle may be almost over but the band still have a trick or two up their sleeves

Last night at Reading Festival, CHVRCHES played their last UK show of their ‘Love Is Dead’ tour. There are a handful of gigs overseas left in the diary, and then the band are taking are much deserved break. It’s been a hectic couple of years for the group.

But, they’re not going quietly. Speaking to us backstage at Reading, the band let slip that there’s something new on the horizon.

“There is new music but we’re not allowed to say what, when, why, or answer any of the important questions. but yes, there is new music,” promises Lauren.

“It’s my personal favourite thing we’ve ever done,” continues Martin. “And it’s coming soon. It feels like a progression for the band. It’s probably the best song lyrically and melodically we’ve done and it signals a bit of a change in production for us. It’s an exciting direction but we were just following our noses as we always do in the studio and having fun.”

You’d think the band would rather spend their days off actually taking a break rather than working on something new but, “it was one of those ‘can’t say no to this’ things. We would have been sad if we weren’t able to do it. It’s nice to end the campaign on a different note. If we hadn’t done this song, the last release would have been a feature (Marshmello’s ‘Here With Me’) which would have been a strange note to leave it on, especially given the baggage, so it’s nice to go out on a higher note.”

Check back ‘soon’ for more CHVRCHES chat, but feel free to re-read our Cover Story with ’em

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