CIEL have dropped a new teaser track from their upcoming EP – check out ‘So Scared’

The band have an EP coming in July.
Photo Credit: Lizzie Clark-Nørgaard

CIEL have released a new single, ‘So Scared’.

Following on from ‘Somebody’, it’s the latest track from the Brighton band’s upcoming EP ‘Make It Better’ EP, set for release on 7th July via Jazz Life.

Michelle Hindriks (vocals, bass) says: “’So Scared’ is about being scared to be vulnerable and open up yourself towards someone else. But at the same time it’s about actively wanting to change that part of yourself and working hard to be able to be vulnerable, as it’s an important part of making valuable connections with others. The song started out with just one cute sounding synth line with the vocal part over it and in the studio we kept adding layers of guitars to create a much bigger sound.”

Check out the track below.

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