Clever Thing premiere new single, ‘Fixer Upper’

Their new track drops proper on 28th April.
Brighton’s Clever Thing have dropped their latest single – have a listen to squealing stomper ‘Fixer Upper’ below, first on Dork. It’s due out on 28th April via Be Pacific.

Citing influence from Billie Holiday and Black Flag, the band, fronted by Rich Fownes and Daisy Coburn, features former members of 80s Matchbox, Bad For Lazarus, Pink Lizards and more.

“’Fixer Upper’ is a little pop song that we wrote,” they explain. “The music sounded so catchy and simple that we wanted the lyrics to be easily understood and instantly appealing as well… so we sung about the abundant rape and homogenisation of our history to facilitate digestible and bland movie scripts. Classic stuff really.”

‘Fixer Upper’ is backed by ‘Major Swing’, and follows on from last year’s ‘In A Tissy’.

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