Clock Opera shine a light on escalating paranoia with new track ‘Closer’

New album 'Venn' sees the band tackling a number of difficult topics.
Clock Opera are previewing another track from their upcoming second album, ‘Venn’, due for release via League of Imaginary Nations and !K7 on 10th February – check out ‘Closer’ below, first on Dork.

Despite featuring what’s likely the catchiest beat you’ll hear all day, the subject matter is pretty ominous.

“‘Closer’ was written about how quickly paranoia can turn to conflict, under the guise of misguided self-protection,” the band explain. “But when that small scale process is unchecked and magnified by access to enormous power, it can escalate into something else entirely, something terrifying. You might end up with a man who says, on his second day in presidential office: ’I can understand the other side. We can all understand the other side. There can be wars between countries. There can be wars. You can understand what happened. This is something nobody could even understand… And the generals are wonderful and the fighting is wonderful. But if you give them the right direction? Boy, does the fighting become easier. And boy do we lose so fewer lives, and win so quickly. And that’s what we have to do. We have to start winning again.’”

‘Venn’ was recorded at home and at Squarehead Studios in Kent with Kristopher Harris over the summer of 2015, and it sees the band grapple with a dark new ground: “A lot of the album is about loss, absence, holes, haunting, questioning identity, to be specific, the majority of the songs were inspired by a miscarriage. A lot of the others were driven by the fallout from it.”

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