Cloud Nothings have finished their new album

It could be coming this year, too.
Cloud Nothings are set to release their new album before the end of the year, apparently.

In a chat with Columbus Alive, frontman Dylan Baldi has confirmed the album is finished.

“On [the first album] I’m just quietly mumbling into a microphone,” Baldi explains. “Then we made our [self-titled] record [in 2011] … and I was terrified to record my voice so I sang in a fake, high-pitched, nasally whine. Then with [Attack on Memory from 2012] I was like, ‘Maybe I’ll try to sing,’ but I still don’t think I was very good. Every record is just learning to be better at everything I do.”

The album is also set to be more political. “Within the last couple years [political and social issues] have been a little more present in my life,” says Baldi. ”In general, I think more people are becoming aware of how to treat the world, so I’m just falling in line [because] you want to be more of a global, useful citizen. We’re taking a more outward view with this record, but it’s still through an internal filter. It’s about bigger things than me complaining — in my mind, at least.”

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