Coach Party have released their debut EP ‘Party Food’, also revealing a new video for ‘Bleach’

Their debut collection is out today (June 10th) via Chess Club Records!

Coach Party are marking the release of their debut EP ‘Party Food’ with a joyous video for one of it’s many highlights – ‘Bleach’

A swinging slice of summer sun (try saying that after a few too many Jelly Babies), it’s another dazzling example of a band ready to grab the world in the palm of their hands

Speaking about ‘Bleach’, lead singer and bassist Jess Eastwood says: “It’s pretty rare for anyone to actually have a consistently interesting & fulfilling life (speaking for ourselves here). ‘Bleach’ is basically our lifelong daydream of having the confidence & spontaneity to wake up one day and decide to ditch work, rent and any other boring commitments in favour of opening yourself up to the possibility of something amazing and worth remembering happening to you. It’s a song for anyone who feels unsatisfied and frustrated with the routine of normal life and finds it hard to get excited about existence. It’s so easy to feel trapped in that situation, and so hard to do anything about it. It’s almost like modern life is designed to make us feel that way, and anyone who tries to disconnect from that way of living is largely branded as an outcast.”

‘Party Food’ is out today, with the six-track collection featuring already revealed standouts such as ‘Oh Lola’, ‘Space’ and ‘Breakdown’

Click play on ‘Bleach’ below:

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