Colour Of Spring premiere dreamy new video for ‘Snow’

The new single is out today.
Colour of Spring drop their new single ‘Snow’ today; and a new video for it alongside – which you can watch below, first on Dork. The Leeds band are releasing the track through Swirly Records, on cassette tape no less.

“The song ‘Snow’ is quite a personal one to front man Shane,” says guitarist Robin, “so I wanted to make the main focus of the video about him. I had the idea of trying to make it like a dream going on in his head. The close-ups of his face are him talking to and rationalising with himself, while the shots of the forest and him falling are meant to symbolise the idea of being lost or unsure of his emotions.

“At the time of filming Shane felt quite self-conscious about the idea but after seeing it was pleased that it portrayed the same feelings visually as he was trying to express musically.”

Of the song itself, Shane explains: “‘Snow’ is mainly about inner conflict. About self analysing your short comings and bad habits while wanting to change them for someone you care for. ‘Snow’ is the experience of knowing somebody who eventually disappears from your life over time.”

The band have a few tour dates planned for October, including a support slot with Dork faves INHEAVEN. Find the full list of shows after the jump.

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