Here comes Charli XCX, unveiling new track ‘After The Afterparty’

The Lil Yachty featuring number is like a nursery rhyme turned up in a massive way
We’ve been teased, we’ve been warned, and now Charli XCX has revealed her brand new party smasher ‘After The Afterparty’

With a nursery-rhyme styled hook, it’s a late-night party mover that manages to make the time after an afterparty sound like the optimum place to be, full of lounged vibes and colourful cocktails.

The track, produced by PC Music star SOPHIE, is a pretty clear indication that Charli XCX post-Sucker is heading to her very own carved-out pop world, one full of the sounds and beats we’ll be partying to throughout 2017.

Charli XCX is sure to be blaring ‘After The Afterparty’ out at her upcoming Halloween show in London, performing an exclusive event for 35 fans, that’ll then be streamed all over the world by MTV.

Head to ‘After The Afterparty’ below,

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