Connie Constance has announced her new album, ‘Miss Power’

She's also shared new single ‘Till The World’s Awake’.
Photo Credit: Joel Palmer

Connie Constance has announced her new album, ‘Miss Power’.

The full-length is set for release on 4th November via Play It Again Sam, preceded by new single ‘Till The World’s Awake’.

She says of the new track: “The beast, The Party, The anthem. Day one of this saturated over stimulating world and everything feels possible. For the most part this song for me was just the indie dance single of my dreams, since writing it it has taken on a whole other meaning. It’s truly a letter to the universe, to what some people may call God, others Allah, and so on. It’s a song that says thank you for looking out for me, Thank you for the chance of making my dreams a reality, and Thank you for the beautiful people that you have kept around me. When I think of the minority communities that I live and love within in the UK. It feels like an empowering message that no matter how much the world we live in tries to distract us from our power, make us feel small or as if we don’t fit in… it cannot take away from us the work we have done and who we are when we are together building our own opportunities amongst one another and shaping our own realities. “I know that we’ve got enough love to give away, and they cannot replace all the moves we’ve made, and all the nights we’ve stayed up till the worlds awake”. We have to work extra hard to be understood, but we will be, and until the worlds awake we have each other and no one can take that from us.”

Check out the new single below. Connie will play a handful of festivals over the next few months, including Y Not and Live At Leeds, and support Yard Act at their Southampton, Brighton and London shows later this year.

The album’s full tracklisting reads:

  1. In The Beginning
  2. Till The World’s Awake
  3. Miss Power
  4. Never Get To Love
  5. Mood Hoover
  6. Heavyweight Champion
  7. Hurt You
  8. Kamikaze
  9. Home
  10. YUCK!
  11. Blank Canvas
  12. Red Flag

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