Connie Constance has shared a dark new self-directed video for ‘Hurt You’

'Miss Power' is out now, via PIAS.

Connie Constance has dropped the self-directed video to her latest single, ‘Hurt You’.

Fresh from the release of her new album, ‘Miss Power’, which Dork rated 4-stars, Connie Constance has shared the video, directed by none other than Connie herself. It sees her in a full elfish get-up, having acupuncture, before she rises more powerful than ever.

The video slots perfectly into the world of ‘Miss Power’, especially since Connie recently told Dork: “I wanted to tell a story of what a fairy might feel like if they woke up a million years later and were in our world today.” You can read the full interview with Connie here.

Discussing the video, Connie explains: “I got to live my fae fantasy in this music video for ‘Hurt You’ as I dressed up as an elf having acupuncture. This video is about the four stages of healing/resurrection. Stage one being torture, the purge of everything that came before that could be holding me back, stage two is the healing process, stage three is training, I was lucky enough to have my uncle King Kenny train me in this video right in the middle of his own training camp for his upcoming Fight in Texas. And the final stage being the rebirth, the Phoenix risen. My uncle Steve Power has a Pontiac firebird to he brought in the beautiful motor and it played the part of the symbol of transformation.”

You can listen to ‘Miss Power’ here, and watch the full video for ‘Hurt You’ below.

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