Connie Constance has shared a brand new track, ‘Mood Hoover’

The track is taken from new album 'Miss Power', set to arrive on 4th November.
Photo Credit: Joel Palmer

Connie Constance has shared a brand new track, ‘Mood Hoover’.

The track is taken from new album ‘Miss Power’, set to arrive on 4th November.

“The writing of this song came from one of my mum’s classic phrases….. ‘mood hoover’ she would call my adolescent brother when he would finally make it down to dinner to be around his (from his teenage point of view) out of touch parents and uncool siblings, and not really want to engage in our family chit chat,” Connie explains.

“I was in the studio with Sam Breathwick and Sam Knowles and we were jamming through some ideas. Sammy K said to me that it would be fun if I wrote a song about me and my man but from more of a love hate perspective. All those bits about your lover that drive you nuts but you couldn’t live without. I had ‘mood hoover’ written down in my notes and Sam Knowles had ‘easy peeler’ written down under his band names. From there I dived into my little bit sarcy, little bit cheeky and a little bit moody perspective. This song is our ‘us against the world’ song. Could be your lover, or your partner in crime. It’s saying that, in our unique bubble, we’re the most awesome people in the world – with all our jagged edges, baggage, dreams, and quirks…. People just don’t know it yet, but one day they will.”

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