Connie Constance has joined up with Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson for new version of ‘Kamikaze’

The original is taken from Connie's 2022 album 'Miss Power'.

Connie Constance and Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson have teamed up for a new version of ‘Kamikaze’ from Connie’s 2022 album ‘Miss Power’.

The new version of the song, which Connie says is about the western beauty standard women are expected to uphold and the pressure to ‘have it together all the time’, features Jason’s take on the ‘male counter’ and ‘the gatekeeper’.

Connie explains: “It’s talking about Amy Winehouse and more recently Caroline Flack and how they were treated by the media instead of cared for in a time of need.”

Jason added: “I love Connie’s energy and message in this track. Although the initial concept was for me to come in as an additional voice from her perspective, I felt it was disingenuous to present myself as someone with first-hand experience of the patriarchy, so I came at it from the other angle: the male counter, the gatekeeper. The tunes banging, I love it.”

Check out the new version of ‘Kamikaze’ below.

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