Connor’s back with a woozy summer sizzler, ‘Petals’

The JAWS frontman got inspiration on the way to Greggs. Probably.
Kylie. Madonna. Connor.

The best solo artists go by just one name, and the JAWS frontman is no different as he returns with a brand new track to start the summer months off right.

Titled ‘Petals’, his latest effort is a hazy, woozy delight perfectly pitched for the start of June, and you can check it out now.

“The song is about just being young,” he explains. “I was feeling quite nostalgic when I wrote it. A lot of the guitar sounds are a throwback to the surf/indie stuff I was into when I was younger. I’ve had this song for a little while but never felt it was complete.

“I was listening to a mix of it on my way to a shop on sunny afternoon, probably Greggs, and this car raced past so quick as it dropped into the chorus and that was it. I went home and added the sample.”

Listen to ‘Petals’ below.

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