Courtney Marie Andrews has announced her debut book of poetry

It's coming in May.

Courtney Marie Andrews has announced her debut book of poetry.

Old Monarch will be published via Simon & Schuster on 13th May, featuring cover art was designed by Daren Thomas Magee.

A press release explains: “Andrews’ poetry reads like a transformation, with the figurative Old Monarch as its narrative guide. Documenting this journey, the book is separated into three sections, “Sonoran Milkweed,” “Longing in Flight,” and “Eucalyptus Tree (My Arrival to Rest).” Andrews takes readers on her quest to see a brighter world of possibility within humankind and accept mortality within an ever-changing world.

“In the first stage of her journey, Andrews explores her childhood in Arizona. Impressionable and naive, she views the world with all its nuances for the first time. Through the landscape of the Sonoran Desert, she explores dark family dynamics from a child’s point of view and her desire to see a brighter world of possibility beyond the dusty desert island.

“In the second stage, Andrews leaves home and falls in love while she matures into a young woman. Finally, the concluding stage is the Old Monarch’s arrival to the garden, a journey littered with colour, inspiration and wisdom.”

Courtney Marie Andrews’ latest album, ‘Old Flowers’ was released last year.

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