Covey has shared another new track, ‘1991’

It's another taster of his forthcoming debut album, ‘Class of Cardinal Sin’.
Photo: Ebru Yildiz

Brooklyn-based, British-born Tom Freeman – aka Covey – has shared another taster of his forthcoming debut album, ‘Class of Cardinal Sin’.

Titled ‘1991’, Tom explains that the track “dives deeper into specific details and moments from my upbringing which have helped make me the way I am today and have contributed to why I struggle the way I do sometimes. 

“The process of reflecting here was almost like the steps one would go through in therapy to figure out where the issues lay at the root,” he continues. “At one point in the song, I think back to the first Christmas I had without my parents. Although I used the song as a means of catharsis in expressing my frustrations, I did also reflect on my shortcomings as well — I think there are very few truly one sided situations so I felt it would be irresponsible and quite frankly unbelievable to not rope myself into this as a contributor to how dysfunctional our family dynamic was.” 

Said debut album, ‘Class of Cardinal Sin’, is set to arrive on 18th June via Rise Records. You can check out the video for ‘1991’ below.

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