Crack Cloud have confirmed their new album ‘Red Mile’, and their biggest headline show to date

It's the follow-up to debut 'Pain Olympics' and follow-up 'Tough Baby'.
Photo credit: Crack Cloud

Vancouver collective Crack Cloud have announced a new album.

The follow-up to second album ‘Tough Baby’ and debut ‘Pain Olympics’, ‘Red Mile’ will be released on 26th July, followed by a London headline show at KOKO on 25th September. They’ve also shared new single ‘Blue Kite’.

Zach Choy explains: “Blue Kite was written with a cultural intersection in mind. In Canada in the early 00’s we grew up to Sum 41. Late night YTV. And the spectre of Woodstock 99. From the outside looking in: being in a punk band meant that you could be a jackass. Pick your nose on stage; play the drum like Energizer Bunny. My relationship to punk music as a teenager hinged on self-deprecation; an easy, destructive mode of confronting what I didn’t like about myself. And what I didn’t understand about the world around me. 

“There’s a film that came out of China in 1993 and was subsequently banned therein, called The Blue Kite. It’s told from the perspective of a boy growing up in 1950’s Beijing. His environment is one of social conformity and political correctness, and he relishes in escapism when flying his kite. Eventually the boy succumbs to the social climate, and the kite itself is swept away into the branches of a tree. I thought the imagery was striking and wanted to incorporate it into a video with Aidan’s skydiving punk, in a hypnagogic way.

“We filmed the video in and around the Desert where the album was recorded, and the skydiving took place.”

Check it out below; the album’s full tracklisting reads:

  1. Crack Of Life
  2. The Medium
  3. Blue Kite
  4. Lack Of Lack
  5. Epitaph
  6. I Am (I Was)
  7. Ballad Of Billy
  8. Lost On The Red Mile
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