Creeper delve ‘Down Below’ and deliver another heavy-hitting new one

‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ is close. So very, very close.
Creeper are a bloody special band. We talk about it a lot, and we really bloody mean it. Take new number ‘Down Below’ for example – it’s pretty hard to argue with that.

Debuted on Sunday night’s Radio 1 Rock Show, it’s another infectious voyage into chant-along choruses and the sort of seismic shifter that has you from the very first note. Sounds like the bloody perfect number right there then?!

Chatting in this month’s magazine, frontman Will Gould explained the vision behind ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ and what Creeper are about to lay out into the world.

“I’m really protective of this band” Will details. “Partly because of my feelings attached to it but also what it means to other people as well. Creeper can’t have any of those human failures; it can’t have those things. Our audience deserves better. They’ve already had years of bands making horrific mistakes, and I’m not saying our band is better than those because I don’t believe it is necessarily, but it should stand for something more. We have a duty not to put out anything that’s wishy-washy or made to be radio friendly. You have to be aggressive with these things and be brutal. Our record had to be what it is, for better or worse. I just want to put the magic back into things again.”

You can check out the full feature here, counting down the days to Friday March 24th. You can also dive right into ‘Down Below’… here.


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