Crows unveil the menacing ‘Ghost Tape #10’

If you weren’t ready for their new EP ‘Cold Comfort’, you better be now
In times like this, many are saying we should look for the light in things. Well, we say who cares about all that when Crows are making the darkness seem oh, so appetising – as shown with new number ‘Ghost Tape #10’

A rollocking intense plunge into the abyss, ‘Ghost Tape #10’ is a prime example as to why Crows are going to have a huge 2017. Not playing around, not looking around but focused on the prize, it’s the sound of a band urgent for our times yet timeless in their delivery.

‘Ghost Tape #10’ is taken from the Londoners upcoming second EP ‘Cold Comfort’, set for release on Friday (November 18th) and boasting the already revealed stormers ‘The Itch’ and ‘Moonstruck’.

Knock into shape with ‘Ghost Tape #10’ below, because it’ll certainly knock you about a bit if you don’t,

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