Crows lament misunderstandings with their brand new single, ‘Wednesday’s Child’

It's the latest cut from their debut album 'Silver Tongues'.

Crows have dropped a brand new single, ‘Wednesday’s Child’.

It’s the latest cut from their debut album ‘Silver Tongues’, due for release on 22nd March via Joe Talbot of IDLES’ Balley Records.

Frontman James Cox says of the track: “This is one of the songs that got me into a really strange head space to write. When writing; I quite often go heavily into research worm-holes – going really deep into subjects I’m curious about until it’s so uncomfortable I’ll have to shelve it for a while.

“Wednesday’s Child is fundamentally about our communication with others, focusing on misunderstandings – not only between loved ones but also how we treat strangers.

“While I was in this weird research hole I became really obsessed with the idea of mass hysteria – especially in Puritan colonial America and the witch-hunts. Shifting blame onto someone else because you are too afraid to take responsibility is an age-old phenomenon that we will never learn from. I feel that happens today with our society and especially with how the press can demonise the innocent to protect the real evil. People are so easily convinced to attack the defenceless and defend the powerful.”

They’ll hit the road at the end of April, kicking off in Limerick on 26th April and finishing up in Brighton on 4th May.

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