Cucamaras have released their second EP, ‘Buck Rogers Time’

It features features the singles 'Porcelain' and 'Cotton Wool', alongside new release 'Bleachers Yard'.

Cucamaras have released their second EP ‘Buck Rogers Time‘.

It features features the singles ‘Porcelain’ and ‘Cotton Wool’, alongside new release ‘Bleachers Yard’.

Speaking about the single, co-frontman Olly Bowley said: “‘Bleachers Yard’ is part sleazy-motivational, part sincere – it’s someone who is split between coming to terms with things or lives in ignorance, making promises of million dollar handshakes but hoping the recipient doesn’t remember should it come true.

Speaking about ‘Buck Rogers Time’, co-frontman Joshua Hart said: “Buck Rogers Time is a phrase that I believe is used in American prisons; which refers to a prison sentence so long that you’ll never get out. The theme of being stuck in purgatory, or longing for more is one that has featured quite a lot in our music, right from our early stuff.

The name of the EP doesn’t necessarily encapsulate pessimism though, our own attachment to the name is symbiotic with the urgency and feel of the music on the EP, and also where we’re at as a band right now. Everything from Olly’s “the time is now” lyrics in Bleachers Yard to our personal belief that we’re in the right place, at the right time, with the music on this record. So that’s why it’s called Buck Rogers Time.”

The Nottingham quartet were previously part of Dork’s Hype List Tour 2023.

You can check out the EP here:

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