Curtis Waters has shared his latest bop ‘Doodoodoo’, a song about taking a bath

Splish splosh.

Curtis Waters has shared his latest bop ‘Doodoodoo’, a song about taking a bath.

His latest number – his first new music of 2021 – follows on from the release of last year’s debut album ‘Pity Party’, as well as his recent team-up with renforshort for a new version of ‘fuck, i luv my friends’.

“‘Pity Party’ is an album I started when I was at a very low point in my life when I dropped out of college and moved back home last year,” he shares, “I had a lot of time to think about all my struggles growing up as a brown kid in North America dealing with mental illnesses and the guilt that came with it. It’s about getting better at coping with life. I get a lot of brown kids messaging me telling me I make them feel like they can do anything too, which is awesome. Hopefully people can listen and feel less alone. That would make all the difficulties worth it.”

Check out his new ‘un below.

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