Curtis Waters is inspired by a friend’s optimism with his new single, ‘Freckles’

Find out more from Curtis in the September issue of Dork.

Curtis Waters has released a new single, ‘Freckles’.

It’s the follow-up to recent drop ‘The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same’, plus his huge summer hit, ‘Stunnin’ (Ft. Harm Franklin)’.

“I made this song because I felt inspired by an old friend I met at the mental hospital,” he explains. “After I left college I was home for a few months trying to get back to shape and I reconnected with this girl just to catch up on how life had been since then. 

“She was telling me about all the crazy and tragic stuff that had happened since I last saw her and how she had fallen back into old habits and was struggling again. But even through all of that she was still happy and hopeful about the future and was telling me about her career goals. 

“I felt moved by her so I came home that day, made the beat and wrote the intro and chorus to freckles.”

Check it out below; and find out more from Curtis in the September issue of Dork.

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