Recent Dork cover star d4vd has shared two new tracks, ‘Leave Her’ and ‘2016’

You can read more about what he's up to in the December 2023 / January 2024 issue of Dork.
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d4vd has shared two new tracks.

The recent Dork cover star’s first material of 2024, ‘Leave Her’ and ‘2016’ follow on from his recent ‘Petals To Thorns’ and ‘The Lost Petals’ EPs.

Of ‘Leave Her’, he explains: “[‘Leave Her’] is based on a friend’s relationship and how I saw it turn out. It touches on the imbalance of love in their relationship and how he loved her way more than she loved him, resulting in him ultimately leaving her. I’m excited to be sharing this song with the world because I feel like a lot of people are experiencing this in their relationships just because of how over glamorized relationships are made out to be nowadays, and how people think everything has to be perfect for it to work out.”

And of ‘2016’, he adds: “‘2016’ is a song that I wrote to take a little break from my subconsciously relationship driven songwriting habit. In my generation, 2016 is regarded in culture as one of the best years in the last decade because of the trends, technology, and overall vibe of that year. So I wanted to write something that reflected how grungy and gritty growing up feels – from the punk rock instrumentation, to the unique vocal approach that I took on the track. Something that felt nostalgic to the early 2000s but still felt new and fun.”

Check them out below.

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