Dagny unveils her next enthralling chapter, with the grooving ‘Wearing Nothing’

How should we mark the occasion? Probably by chatting to her about touring around the globe, LA and taking her time with what’s to come.
Dagny is back, and she’s back in shimmering fashion with the sultry flicks and chimes of new number ‘Wearing Nothing’.

Following on from debut EP ‘Ultraviolet’, ‘Wearing Nothing’ takes the mantle Dagny laid out there and builds a mansion on top of it. Picking you up with a swagger-filled immediacy, it manages to once again straddle the lines between infectious, cool and immediate in a way that has us already whacking out our hairbrushes in front of the mirror to sing along. Yeah, it’s that good.

Speaking about the track and the core of everything it stands for, Dagny said: “It plays on the idea of wanting to be naked with someone. You meet this person you really want to show everything to and be as close as possible to. You’re as bare with them as you can be—to the point where even a piece of clothing feels like too much space in between. You want them to see everything physically and mentally. When you’re an artist, it feels like you’re doing the same thing and showing something intimate and sharing a personal story. I believe it’s my most intimate song to date.”

Judging by the way we’re toe-tapping around the office, we happen to agree – continuing a rise that hasn’t had to wait around for tips and hype, but has gone straight for the jugular. The dawning of a bonafide pop star with meaning, Dagny is here to stay.

As it’s been a while, we thought we better catch-up with Dagny to mark the occasion – so finding a cheeky spot near the Vevo Garden at last week’s The Great Escape (more on that in the coming days), we got the lowdown on what’s been happening in Dagny-world so far this year – and what’s to come.

First things first though, get ‘Wearing Nothing’ on repeat, the summer pretty much demands it.