London duo Dahlia Sleeps have released a new track ‘White Flag’

It's the final taster of the band's debut album 'Overflow', set for release on 8th April. 

London duo Dahlia Sleeps have released a new track ‘White Flag’.

It’s the final taster of the band’s debut album ‘Overflow’, set for release on 8th April. 

Speaking about the track, vocalist Lucy said: “The whole B side of this record speaks a lot about family. The period that Luke and I were writing the album was a very difficult one for mine. None more so than my Dad who this song is about. I have kind of unfathomable gratitude to Luke for creating such beautiful vessels for those words and melodies with his production. And to my family for allowing me to tell these stories. Being able to put all this into music has been a pretty overwhelming and powerful experience and I hope people can hear the love, support, healing in these songs as well as the struggle.”

It follows up on previous singles ‘Divided’, ‘Too Good To Hide’ and ‘Close Your Eyes’.

On the album, the band reveal: “The title Overflow was chosen because this is a record that features a lot of struggle, fight, bravery, will, hope, and ultimately, triumph.” 

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