daine has announced a new mixtape, ‘shapeless’, with the title track’s release

The full project is set to arrive on February 24th via Warner Records.

daine has released ‘shapeless’, the title track of their upcoming second mixtape project.

The track follows on from last month’s ‘stay close’, and serves as the second preview of the 8-track project, which is set to arrive on February 24th via Warner Records.

It follows their debut mixtape, ‘Quantum Jumping’, which arrived in April – “it’s definitely a homage to my youth,” daine declared in the recent Dork interview feature, which you can check out here.

The ‘shapeless’ mixtape hones in a boundlessnesses beyond structure, which is a theme established through the Melbourne pop star’s experiences with disability, heartache, and hardship. “The lyrics are: ‘lips fake, eyes fake, teeth fake, facelift. I got it all, now I’m shapeless,’” they explain. “I’m customising my avatar to become a flawless CGI character, and using that to get further in my life.”

Continuing to elaborate on the notions of appearance and perception, securing a place in the world while continuously reinventing themselves, daine adds: “It’s a dark track about becoming what people want but using that as leverage to get what you want.”

You can listen to ‘shapelesshere, and watch the music video below:

You can pre-order the ‘shapeless’ mixtape here – the full tracklist reads as below:

1. shapeless
2. doom
3. stay close
4. portal
5. haunt
6. skin deep
7. smb2l
8. writhe

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