DAMEFRISØR have shared a new track, ‘D.O.D.’

It comes ahead of the release of their debut EP ‘Island of Light’ on 24th February via Permanent Creepss.

Bristol-based group DAMEFRISØR have shared their new track ‘D.O.D.’, ahead of the release of their debut EP ‘Island of Light’ on 24th February via Permanent Creepss.

Vocalist Kazhi Jahfar explains: “D.O.D. is about feeling invisible. The song talks about the feeling of going through something but feeling as though no one is aware of your existence. Loneliness in cities is a recurring theme across the record, musically I feel like the song explores the intensity of trying to be seen with all efforts amounting to nothing. Lyrically it’s a sort of internal monologue reacting to the stressful atmosphere created by that feeling.”

The EP sees the group explore their signature mix of natural and industrial sounds, whilst also creating more space in their music. Working with producer Alex Greaves has resulted in a record that the group is incredibly proud of.

“The EP really feels like a natural progression since the last two singles came out,” Kazhi continues. We set out to write these songs with the intention of creating more space in our music, and to further explore the mix of natural and industrial sounds. Before getting to the studio to record, the songs were in a basic stage; the ideas were there but far from formed.

“Working with Alex [Greaves, producer] really brought these songs together, he had some great ideas and techniques that strongly contributed to making our ideas become a reality. Being able to spend time working on each individual element in great depths has resulted in a record that we’re all really proud of, and equally grateful to Alex for helping to bring our ideas to life.”

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