Dan Croll is going to release a two-disc live version of his latest album, ‘Grand Plan’

The two-disc release is coming in April via Communion Records.

Dan Croll is going to release a live version of his latest album, ‘Grand Plan’.

Out on 2nd April via Communion Records, the release is split into two parts: ‘Disc 1’ is the audio from the Spacebomb live stream (Live at Spacebomb), and ‘Disc 2’ the audio from the Wild Honey Pie live music video series.

“The idea of releasing a live album was born from the sessions we’d done pre-pandemic with Wild Honey Pie, and then during it with Spacebomb,” Dan explains. “I thought it would be a great contrast to capture the audio from those sessions on one album. One side that hears me playing my songs worry free around L.A. at the places where I wrote them, and the other side locked down in Richmond, distanced and masked in Spacebomb studios. Hopefully this album can somewhat temporarily fill the void of live gigs until we’re all back together again.

“When we recorded the Spacebomb tracks, we were already seven months into the lockdown and whirlwind of 2020, none of us had played music, none of us had any work coming through, and so it felt incredible to suddenly all be reunited and in the same room playing the songs we had so much fun recording the year before. I think these live tracks really captured that energy and excitement, as well as the flare that these guys have when your one take starts.

“I would give anything right now to be touring and playing live shows, but that’s not safe nor possible right now. Like everyone else, musicians have to adapt, and it makes me really proud to have a team and friends who’ve been able to bring this album together to help ease the pain of not having live music right now.

“Releasing an album during a worldwide pandemic was never going to be easy, but I’ve been over the moon with the reactions I’ve had from this collection of new songs. When I think about how I personally feel about my own music, this is without a doubt the proudest I’ve been and so naturally I was apprehensive and nervous about showing everyone my change of sound. Thankfully, the feedback has been great, and it’s given me a new positive outlook on life to continue to create despite what’s going on in the world around me.”

The full tracklisting reads:

Disc 1:
Yesterday (Live At Spacebomb)
Actor With A Loaded Gun (Live at Spacebomb)
So Dark (Live at Spacebomb)
Honeymoon (Live at Spacebomb)
Grand Plan (Live at Spacebomb)
Surreal (Live at Spacebomb)

Disc 2:
Stay In LA (Live from Echo Park)
Actor With A Loaded Gun (Live from Diner)
So Dark (Live in an Uber)
Grand Plan (Live from Home)
Cold-blooded (Live From Old-Style Guitars)
Surreal (Live From Will Rogers Beach)

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