Dan Croll has released a new double A-side single, ‘So Dark’ / ‘Honeymoon’

Dan's new album is coming in August.

Dan Croll has released a new double A-side single, ‘So Dark’ / ‘Honeymoon’.

They’re the latest teasers from his upcoming third album ‘Grand Plan’, set to arrive on 21st August via Communion Records – a record that documents his move from Liverpool to LA.

“After a few months in LA I started to find my feet a little,” he says of ‘So Dark, “but where I still lagged was on the social side of things. Everyone I met in LA seemed to be desperately happy, sugar coating everything, forcing humour out of fear to be seen as sad. It made me really miss home, It made me miss that dark British humour and the ability to laugh at yourself, no matter how bad it gets. ‘So Dark’ is about that search, and the moment that perseverance paid off to meet someone like-minded.”

Of ‘Honeymoon’, he adds: “I’ve found relationships hard as a musician, the constant time away from home for touring, recording, and promoting has killed all of my past relationships. This song is about the fear of not making it past the honeymoon period of a new relationship, approaching that first moment of having to leave and hoping that you get to come back to it.”

Give the pair a listen below.

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