Danish trio Nelson Can have released a new video for ‘You Are Digging Your Grave’

The trio signed to Alcopop Records for their new release, 'EP3'.
Nelson Can have released a new video for their track ‘You Are Digging Your Grave’.

It’s a cut from the Danish trio’s new ’EP3’, released not so long ago via Alcopop! Records, and coincides with their UK tour alongside Jaws.

Unlike all of Nelson Can’s other songs, ‘You Are Digging Your Grave’ is sung by bass player Signe SigneSigne, who says of the track:

“It’s a song from me to me telling myself to get some help. Honestly, I have suffered from low self-esteem most of my life, and this song is about how that effectively made me my own worst enemy because I never felt good enough, thin enough, clever enough…

“I tried to counsel myself out of it until I lost control over my own self-control. I eventually got the help I needed to save me from myself and now I hope that when I will look back at it when I’m an old lady, that period of my life will only represent a very small part of my entire life, which is also why the song was written to be so short (1:35).”

Catch the band live at the Waterfront in Norwich tonight (Thursday 23rd November), followed by dates in Middlesbrough, Manchester, Leeds, London and Brighton.

Watch ‘You Are Digging Your Grave’ below.

You can read more about what Nelson Can are currently up to in the November issue of Dork, pick up your copy below.

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