Danny Dyer’s in drag for Lucy Rose’s ‘Nebraska’ video

That's something you didn't expect to read today, right?
Danny Dyer in drag. That’s enough to get you to watch Lucy Rose’s new video, right?

The Eastenders star signed up for the clip for new single ‘Nebraska’ as the result result of a conversation the pair had last year after Dyer, who is a huge fan of Rose’s music, reached out to her on Twitter.

Danny explains: “I was honoured to be asked by the maestro that is Lucy Rose to be part of her video. When I got the treatment through I was overwhelmed. I think it’s such a moving piece of work. I’m beyond proud to be part of it. I’ve always believed that people should be who they wanna be, regardless of race or gender. Freedom of expression is so important.”

“I’m hoping it’ll make someone feel something when they watch it,” Rose says. “I hope it comforts someone and I hope it shows that no-one is who you expect them to be. Danny has taken a huge risk making this video and I’m eternally grateful to him for believing in me and this song.”

Dyer isn’t the only star appearing in the video. There’s also room for Ghostpoet, Rae Morris, Slaves, Joseph Salvat and more.

You can check out the clip for ‘Nebraska’ below. An EP, including 7 remixes of the track, is released this Friday (18th March).

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