Day Wave enlist Mark Hoppus for ‘Stuck’ video

The track is taken from their ‘Hard to Read’ EP.
Day Wave has shared a video for ‘Stuck’, taken from their ‘Hard to Read’ EP, and it features a famous face.

Parodying a viral clip in which a priest watches a Star Wars VII, grand master of pop punk Mark Hoppus sits to watch an unseen film created by the video’s director Ryan Baxley.

“I had been hanging out with some friends and we were swapping YouTube videos,” Baxley explains. “They showed me some reaction videos and I started thinking that it could make for a really unique music video. A couple weeks later, I got hit up by a friend at Grand Jury and he said, “feel free to say ‘go fuck yourself’ but we’ve got a brand new artist and no budget, BUT Mark Hoppus is a fan and is down to be in a video if you have any ideas.” So I sent them a link to one of the reaction videos my friends had shown me and said, “Let’s do this.” and to my surprise, everyone was on board.

“So I made a completely ridiculous video for Mark to watch and he improvised it all from there. We shot it in an office in Beverly Hills and you could only park at the meter for 2 hours. I set my alarm, thinking I’d have to come out and move it before we finished, but he nailed it by the 4th take. We did a couple more for safety, but that was it. I got back to my car with an hour and 15 minutes still left on the meter.”

You can check out the video below.

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