Deap Vally take on “mutant overlord” Donald Trump in their new video for ‘Bring It On’

An accurate portrayal, tbh.

Deap Vally have dropped a new video.

The clip is for ‘Bring It On’, and features Donald Trump as a “mutant overlord”. The work of director Al Brown and illustrator Russel Taysom (who also ‘does’ Dork’s monthly comic strip Dorksville, fact fans – Ed), it sees duo Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards scrapping with all manor of baddies, before facing off with the final presidential boss.

“When Al and Russel were brainstorming who the best mutant overlord would be, well, our current president was a natural fit,” Edwards told Noisey. “The cameo of my daughter Mira was a total surprise, but we love it. Who better to put the middle finger up to the corrupt and money-hungry powers that be than our kids? They’re gonna be the ones who are left with this mess.”

You can check out the video for ‘Bring It On’ below.

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