Death Cab For Cutie are releasing a 20th-anniversary edition of ‘The Photo Album’

To accompany the announcement, the band have shared a previously unaired demo of 'Coney Island'.

Death Cab For Cutie have announced a special 20th-anniversary edition of their 2001 release ‘The Photo Album’.

Featuring a number of previously unreleased tracks, the reissue is set to arrive on 29th October and includes studio outtakes, rarities and covers.

“I think ‘The Photo Album’ is pretty excellent,” former Death Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla says. “The demos are especially satisfying to me – they were recorded live to the 8-track over the course of a few days just a week before we started the album proper, and they are a beautiful, buzzing, remarkably confident set of test Polaroids for what the album would become.”

To accompany the announcement, the band have shared a previously unaired demo of ‘Coney Island’.

“It’s very indicative of the process we were employing at that point, which was to deconstruct something and build it completely back up,” frontman Ben Gibbard explains. “In that particular case, it made the song a lot more interesting and gave it a nice flavor and a loneliness that sits well on the album.”

The full tracklisting reads:

‘The Photo Album’

  1. ‘Steadier Footing’
  2. ‘A Movie Script Ending’
  3. ‘We Laugh Indoors’
  4. ‘Information Travels Faster’
  5. ‘Why You’d Want To Live Here’
  6. ‘Blacking Out The Friction’
  7. ‘I Was A Kaleidoscope’
  8. ‘Styrofoam Plates’
  9. ‘Coney Island’
  10. ‘Debate Exposes Doubt’

The Stability E.P.

  1. ’20th Century Towers’
  2. ‘All Is Full Of Love’
  3. ‘Stability’

Rarities & Unreleased Recordings

  1. ‘Gridlock Caravans’
  2. ‘Information Travels Faster’ (Alternate Lyric Demo)
  3. ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ (Live)
  4. ‘I Was A Kaleidoscope’ (Live)
  5. ‘We Laugh Indoors’ (Dub)
  6. ‘Debate Exposes Doubt’ (Acoustic)
  7. ‘A Movie Script Ending’ (Acoustic)
  8. ‘I Was A Kaleidoscope’ (Acoustic, Live on KEXP)
  9. ‘Corny Island’ (Studio Outtake)
  10. ‘We Laugh Indoors’ (UK Single Mix)

Band Demos

  1. ‘Steadier Footing’ (Acoustic Studio Outtake)
  2. ‘A Movie Script Ending’ (Band Demo)
  3. ‘We Laugh Indoors’ (Band Demo)
  4. ‘Information Travels Faster’ (Band Demo)
  5. ‘Why You’d Want To Live Here’ (Band Demo)
  6. ‘Blacking Out The Friction’ (Band Demo)
  7. ‘I Was A Kaleidoscope’ (Band Demo)
  8. ‘Styrofoam Plates’ (Band Demo)
  9. ‘Coney Island’ (Band Demo)
  10. ‘Debate Exposes Doubt’ (Band Demo)
  11. ’20th Century Towers’ (Band Demo)
  12. ‘Stable Song’ (Band Demo)

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