Declan McKenna has announced his new album, ‘What Happened To The Beach’

The full-length is set to arrive on 9th February 2024, and is previewed by a new single, 'Nothing Works'.

Declan McKenna has revealed the details of his third album, ‘What Happened To The Beach’.

The full-length is set to arrive on 9th February 2024, and is previewed by a new single, ‘Nothing Works’.

Following up on big return ‘Sympathy’, Dec explains: “Nothing Works came out of the frustration of feeling boxed in and tied to expectation, but it is a euphoric tune, at its core it’s a celebration of being true to yourself. In the track, I’m kind of mocking the idea that I’d just take advice that neglects my own intuition, and I often feel like nothing works when you’re trying to match norms or expectations, because you can never please everyone, but if you trust your gut and your own motivations in any aspect of life, the parameters for feeling good in yourself are much simpler and more powerful.”

Working with producer Gianluca Buccellati (Arlo Parks, Lana Del Rey), the album marks a new approach for Declan. “In the past few years there has been a bit of weight behind making music,” he says. “I wanted to open up and not worry about things so much. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself in the past when I just needed to drop the intensity a bit and have some fun.”

““If every song features a lyrical statement, then it loses some of its impact, too. I haven’t let go of that aspect of myself, but I don’t want to live out that style forever,” he reveals.

“I will always speak my mind with music, but we live in a time where the conversations I wanted to contribute to previously are much more out in the open now.”

You can check out ‘Nothing Works’ below.

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