Declan McKenna’s star shines bright at Glastonbury 2017

At least we think it's his star. Could just be that jacket.
Declan McKenna is a superstar. Not a superstar in waiting – superstars in waiting don’t have spangly jackets. Superstars in waiting don’t have sets full of absolute bangers before even dropping their debut album. Superstars don’t wait. They just are.

That’s the beauty of our young hero. There’s no kicking heels or tired musing. He’s all energy, all the time. Though set bookends ’Brazil’ and ‘Isombard’ – as well as the bangerrific ‘The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home’ – cut through from familiarity, even the new stuff sounds, well, ‘Humungous’, actually. He’s paid his dues at Glastonbury to get here, sure, but this isn’t a gradual progression – it’s an explosion of pure talent.

As that trademark final blast of raw adrenaline hits home, and he goes floating over the heads of the assembled masses, he’s got nothing to prove. Shining brightly, he’s got them eating out of the palm of his hand. Dec waits for nobody.

Declan McKenna played



Make Me Your Queen


Listen To Your Friends


The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home




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