Demob Happy have announced their second album, ‘Holy Doom’

The follow up to 'Dream Soda' is due in March.
Demob Happy have announced their new album, ‘Holy Doom’; the follow-up to their debut ‘Dream Soda’, it’s due on 23rd March 2018.

“We wanted to say something we’d never said before, and create this thing that was so clear in our heads,” the band say of the release. “It’s been special making it real, and it feels so very good to finally let you all in.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Liar In Your Head

2. Be Your Man

3. Loosen It

4. Fake Satan

5. Runnin’ Around

6. I Wanna Leave (Alive)

7. Maker of Mine

8. Holy Doom

9. Spinning Out

10. Gods I’ve Seen

11. Fresh Outta Luck

Listen to recent track, ‘Be Your Man’ below.

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