Dork meets Dexter, Fontaines D.C.’s legendary sixteen-year-old guitarist at Reading 2022

We catch up with Reading 2022's latest legend the morning after the night before.
Photo credit: Patrick Gunning

One of the best things about Reading Festival is its ability to create moments. Points where the script goes out the window, mayhem takes over and legends are made.

This year is no different. When young Dexter, 16, came to St John’s Farm with his sign requesting Fontaines DC invite him on stage for their bombastic turbobanger ‘Boys In The Better Land’, he must have known it was a long shot. A tight, propulsive band in one of the biggest moments of their career to date – they’re not Green Day.

And yet, that wish was granted. Dexter found himself, guitar in hand, leading the band into one of their set highlights. More than that – he was brilliant. A genuine legend.

As fans of ‘this sort of nonsense’, we know we had to track him down ‘ASAP’. After posting a TikTok of his performance, we quickly were blessed with a comment from the man himself. A short round of high powered negotiations later, we met up the morning after to debrief on his big moment.

We’re here with Dexter, the legend of the festival at this point. Dexter, how are we doing, sir?
Oh, it’s been incredible. It’s been the most surreal moment of my life.

You’re only 16. Did you come straight from getting your GCSE results?
Yeah, I did. Actually.

Did you come with the intention of being on stage with Fontaines? Or was this, like, something that you came up with on the day?
I thought about it, especially with Fontaines, because I really love Fontaines. So, I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll get some cardboard and give it a try’. Yeah, so I went to Poundland in Reading and asked for some cardboard and bought pens.

Were you were you nervous?
I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I thought I would be. There was a moment, like, maybe half an hour before, I thought ‘this isn’t a good idea, what if I mess it up’. But everyone was very friendly. If they were sort of cold, I would have been quite nervous.

Do you think that you’d win a fight against Alex from Glasto?
Alex Turner?

No, Alex from Glasto who did Thiago Silva with Dave.
Oh, absolutely no. No chance.

What have been some of your other highlights of the festival?
Little Simz was great. Circa Waves were great. Obviously Arctic Monkeys were.

Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to go on stage with their favourite band?
Well, you’ve got to be relatively near the front, obviously. I tried to get close at the side, couldn’t quite get to the front, because if I was close to the barrier I could hop over. They’re not going to ask someone if they’re in the middle of the crowd. Then make sure that the sign is seen and get the cameras on you, then everyone cheers.

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