Did a festival just confirm Florence and the Machine’s new album?

A Spanish language news report on a Polish language seems to confirm that Flo and Co will release an album this year. If we've got our translations right.
Forgive us here at Dork for clutching at straws, but it appears we have confirmation that Florence and the Machine will release their long-awaited fourth album this year.

Per Spanish news site Binaural, a post by Polish festival Orange Warsaw, where Florence Welsh and her band will headline this summer, appears to confirm a summer (or thereabouts) release for their fourth album, with new music rumoured to coincide with a smattering of festivals later this year.

In their artist profile page, Orange Warsaw mention the upcoming album and ask (per Google translate) “Will we hear it before the concert at Orange Warsaw Festival?”

With a number of other festival appearances in the works and having taken time off since a headline Glastonbury performance in 2015, it’s widely suspected Florence and the Machine will be sharing new music before 2018 is out. The last released ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ in June 2015.

It could turn out to be a busy year, with Florence publishing her first book and the band also due to headline Germany’s Melt Festival.

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