Dilly Dally have debuted another new cut, ‘Sober Motel’

It's the latest track from their forthcoming album, ‘Heaven’.

Dilly Dally have shared another track from their forthcoming album, ‘Heaven’.

The band’s second full-length is set to arrive next month, on 14th September. ‘Sober Motel’ is the latest track to arrive from the record, following up on opening cut ‘I Feel Free’.

Singer/guitarist Katie Monks explains: “‘Sober Motel’ is a celebration of sobriety, in the midst of an industry that is anything but. I wrote it in a motel bathroom after taking a mystical shower alone. There was something really pure about it all. The song spawned from a sadness I had for my friend Tony (Dilly’s bass player) who was struggling with addiction. We all were realising that being on the road had turned into volatile place for some of us, and it was heartbreaking. In a larger sense, alcohol is so romanticised within our culture. Knowing that it can send so many people into a downward spiral, I wanted to step forward and do the opposite of that, and present people with a different image. All of this in the hopes that it would create a sort of protective layer around the band each night on stage (and anyone else who feels the same).”

You can check out ‘Sober Motel’ below.

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