Dizzy have unveiled another corker with new track ‘Roman Candles’

The road to new album ‘The Sun And Her Scorch’ continues, out July 31st

Dizzy have unveiled another gem of a track with new one ‘Roman Candles’

Speaking about the track, frontwoman Katie Munshaw explains: “‘Roman Candles’ is about how insecure I feel being someone who’s pursued music as a job. I’ve often felt jealous of friends who’ve taken more traditional paths in life. Some have gone to university and have 9-to-5 jobs already and have to buy funny things like lawnmowers and cutlery. I know that sounds silly, but I have a real fear I’ll never own a home or be able to support a family because of the decision I’ve made, so of course that’s scary. I think I’ve quit the band a dozen times since we started and then wind up taking it back an hour later because I know it’s just fear talking,”

It’s another dazzler revealed from Dizzy’s upcoming second album ‘The Sun And Her Scorch’, following on from the previously unveiled ‘Sunflower’ and ‘The Magician’ – with the full record out on July 31st,

Check out ‘Roman Candles’ below:

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