DMA’s have shared another new album teaser, “trancey anthem” ‘Something We Are Overcoming’

'How Many Dreams?' is set to drop on 31st March.
Photo credit: Kalpesh Lathigra

DMA’s have shared another taster of their forthcoming album ‘How Many Dreams?’, new single ‘Something We Are Overcoming’.

Speaking about the song, the band explain: “’Something We Are Overcoming’ started as a moving ballad about perseverance but quickly morphed into a trancey anthem of a side quest that is slightly but steadily DMA’S. We hope you like it.”

The new track follows up on recent previews ‘I Don’t Need To Hide’, ‘Olympia’, ‘Fading Like A Picture’ and ‘Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend’.

You can check out ‘Something We Are Overcoming’ below. ‘How Many Dreams’ is set to drop on March 31st.

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