dodie has released ‘live from the attic’, a performance version of her new EP, ‘Hot Mess’

The four-track record was released last Friday, September 30th.

dodie has shared ‘live from the attic’, a live performance rendition of her new ‘Hot Mess’ EP.

The four tracks, originally released last Friday, September 30th, have been paired with bold but intimate performance art, as the video series transitions seamlessly between tracks. Give ‘live from the attic’ a watch here or below:

Elaborating on her new EP, dodie says: “‘Hot Mess’ is exactly that – a steaming, conflicting pile of raw ideas and feelings; heavy confessions, manic patches matched with seemingly stable moments of realisation and acceptance, painted with flickers of dissociated spiraling.”

“I am lost,” she declares. “I am confused but trying, and I accept myself and hate myself simultaneously while doing so.”

You can listen to ‘Hot Messhere. The tracklist reads:

1. Hot Mess
2. Got Weird
3. Lonely Bones
4. No Big Deal (I Love You)

dodie recently walked Dork through her ‘Hot Mess’ EP track-by-track, too; dive into the full breakdown here.

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