Doe debut ‘Last Ditch’ video

New album ‘Some Things Last Longer than You’ is coming in September.
Doe have released a new video for ‘Last Ditch’, the latest track taken from debut album ‘Some Things Last Longer than You’, due for release on 9th September via Specialist Subject (UK) and Old Flame (US). The clip sees them have a wander about London – check it out below.

“’Last Ditch’ was the final song we wrote for the album,” explains drummer Jake Popyura. “We had written ten songs and considered it finished, then shortly before we went in to record decided to scrap one and wrote ‘Last Ditch’ in its place – that’s where the name came from.

“Musically, it’s probably the happiest sounding song on the record and we’ve had a running joke about it being a ‘summer jam’. We wanted a video that reflected that as well as the lyrical themes of feeling out of control, so the three of us and our friend Emma took a camera out with us and had a nice day in the London sun.

“We got the test pressings of our record through the same day so there’s some shots of us listening to it on vinyl for the first time. I think our excitement comes across! I sat down and edited it together the next day and luckily it doesn’t look like shit, but I guess that’s for everyone else to decide.”

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